The first Naad Yatra musical retreat in Varanas India from 21st of March for 4 nights


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    Details about the Naad Yatra - Kashi:
    The ancient city of Kashi (Varanasi) has been selected as the chosen destination for the first Naad Yatra musical
    retreat. Kashi is known to be the oldest, living city in the world. Besides that, it has been a very important hub for
    Indian classical music. The ‘Banaras Gharana’** is one of the more famous Gharanas of music in India and is more
    than 200 years old. Many leading classical musicians performing in India and abroad, belong to this Gharana. Some
    noteworthy artists are Ustad Bismillah Khan, Rajan-Sajan Misra, Girija Devi etc.
    ** (There is a rich tradition of Gharanas in classical Hindustani music. The music Gharanas are also called styles. These schools or Gharanas have their basis in the traditional mode of musical training and education. Every Gharana has its own distinct features. The main area of difference between Gharanas is the manner in which the notes are sung.)
    Naad Yatra- Kashi, has been specifically designed to provide the participants an opportunity to visit the ancient city
    of Banaras and to experience its people, History, culture, music, famous galis (small lanes and bylanes), food andmportant sights whilst keeping the focus on the inward journey of discovering Brahma through Naad.

    Dates:  March 24-28, 2014
    (Participants would need to arrive in Varanasi on the 23rd. They can make arrangements to leave by the 29th morning).

    Food & Stay:
    Arrangements have been made in a Hotel in the Assi Ghat area of Varanasi. Our focus has been to make the arrangements hygienically clean, comfortable and yet basic. We would invite participants to volunteer and work together and assist in ensuring a memorable retreat.

    Note: For any information or special needs regarding the boarding services, you can contact us since we will be liasoning with the hotel.
    Simple, vegetarian Indian food will be served to all the participants. From time to time, we will try and include some local delicacies too.

    Every day, there will be 3 Workshop sessions. Each day will end with a live Music/Dance concert.

    Objective of the Music Retreat:
     To experience divine peace through pure music.
     To spend time with your inner self and discover the power of 'Sur'.
     To unravel the mysteries of your mind and learn, entertain and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.
     To understand and unravel the philosophy of Indian music.
     To learn from and interact with some well known, experienced names in the field of music.
     To learn to appreciate & enjoy Indian Classical music by listening to some upcoming new talent in the field of music & dance.

    Early morning: Naad Dhyaan – Workshop 1 (Focus and Concentration on a note)
    Free time*
    Late morning: Naad Dhyaan – Workshop 2 (Music Lesson)
    Free time*
    Afternoon: Naad Dhyaan – Workshop 3 (Music Discussion / Music Lesson)
    Free time*
    Evening: Live Concert
    (Artists have been carefully selected to provide participants with a full exposure to all forms of music emerging from the Banaras Gharana. Once again, there will be a short briefing before the performance so that the participants can derive maximum value from the concert.)

    *Free time: During this time, participants are free to explore the city of Varanasi. Else, we will have books, music, movies on Indian music & musicians, available. Participants are welcome to borrow those. Besides, participants could just enjoy this free time for themselves.


    •    Experience of a simple Ashram life 
    •    Opportunity to understand the basics of Indian music by leading musicians of India
    •    Experience India through a trip to Varanasi, the most ancient, living city in the world 
    •    Opportunity to take a break from our hectic daily lives and be in a serene, calm & peaceful environment 
    •    Meditate and connect with your inner self 
    •    Listen to leading musicians perform different genres of Indian music, in a small, personalized gathering 
    •    Get an insight into the world of artists by spending personal time with them. 

    Retreat Schedule:

    Early morning:    Naad Dhyaan – Workshop 1
    Practice of the lower notes of the lower octave, to ensure voice clarity & stability 
    Understanding the process of Maturing of throat & sound Understanding the depth of sound 
    Free time*
    Late morning:    Naad Dhyaan – Workshop 2    
        Discussion on Indian music, its origin etc.    
        Discussion on different aspects of a sound    
        Discussion on the application of swaras in a Raaga, and swara in its individual identity    
    Free time*    Practice of swaras using a Raaga    
    Afternoon:    Naad Dhyaan – Workshop 3    
        Music Discussion    
        Introduction to the genre of music being performed in the evening    
        Introduction to the artist    
    Free time*    What to expect from the concert    
    Evening:    Live Concert    
        Artists have been carefully selected to provide participants with a full exposure to all    
        forms of music emerging from the Banaras Gharana.    

    *Free time: During this time, participants are free to explore the city of Varanasi. Else, we will have books, music, movies on Indian music & musicians, available. Participants are welcome to borrow those. Besides, participants could just enjoy this free time for themselves.

    Yoga classes will also be available at the ashram where Naad Yatra is being held. Participants can join the classes by paying a nominal charge of Rs.300 per class.

    Performing Artists:

    Day 1:    The Gundecha Brothers (Vocal Dhrupad)
    Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha are the leading exponents of the Dhrupad style of music. They are among the most active performers in Indian and international circuits. They were conferred “Padmashri” in 2012 by the Govt. of India for their contribution in the field of Dhrupad and Indian Classical Music.

    Day 2:    Dr. Vijay Shankar Choubey [Instrumental Classical music (Violin recital)]
    Dr. Choubey got his training in the guru-shishya tradition from Ustad Allauddin Khan of Maihar Gharana And Pt. Bade Ram Das of Banaras Gharana. He also completed his doctorate in music (instrumental violin) from Banaras Hindu University. His dynamic style of playing the violin is a combination of gatkari (instrumental) and gayaki (singing) in Khayal style. He is also proficient in the dhrupad style (guidance and learning from Gundecha Brothers), folk and classical style of music. Dr. Choubey has been performing in various concerts across India.

    Day 3:    Tarkeshwar Choubey [Bhojpuri Folk music (Nirgun, Bhajan)]
    Bhojpuri is a language spoken in the Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh, in the western part of state of Bihar, and the northwestern part of Jharkhandin. It is also the regional language of Varanasi. Shri Tarkeshwar Choubey will be presenting nirguns and bhajans in Bhojpuri. This is the regional folk music of the area.

    Day 4:    Ravi Shankar Mishra (Kathak Performance)
    Ravi Shankar Mishra  started his dance education under the famous guru of Banaras Gharana,  late Alakhnanda Devi. He later continued his training under late Shree Pandey Maharaj and late shree Panchu Maharaj. He performs all over India and in many countries abroad.

    Day 5:     Sanjeev Jha (Vocal Dhrupad) & performance by the participants on their learning during the retreat.
    Shri Sanjeev Jha is the faculty and member of Naad Yatra. A detailed introduction is given for him below.
    (NOTE: The order and days of the performances might change)

    Weather Conditions:
    Though spring will be in the air, it is advisable to have a light jacket and shawl for the mornings and the evenings. Else, normal comfortable daily clothes are advisable. We request that you check the temperature for Varanasi (for those dates) on Google and prepare accordingly.

    What one should bring:
    Just yourself, your personal belongings and an open mind…..
    “The more empty your vessel, the more the learning!”
    Note: No prior knowledge of or training in Indian music is required to attend this retreat. 

    Participant Fee:
    The Fees of Rs. 50,000/- includes the costs for Boarding, Lodging, Food and the entire retreat. Participants will have to make their own arrangements for getting to Varanasi and leaving from Varanasi. Railway station/ airport pickups will be setup once the travel plans are shared with us. We ensure you of a homely, hospitable experience that will foster earning and discovery!

    Other Questions you may have:

    1.WHO WE ARE:
    We are a small team of music lovers and artists. In our pursuit of learning music, we often had transformational experiences that were deeply moving and impacted us till our very core. It not just enriched our riyaaz but also our lives. This is what we setup Naad Yatra to share with others.
    Our team has received ongoing encouragement, blessings & guidance from our Gurus, the Gundecha Brothers ( who have generously accepted to conduct the Workshop and Concert on the first day.

    The Naad Yatra team consists of:

    Sanjeev Jha:

    Sanjeevji received his initial training from Ustad Habeeb Khan (Hazipur) from 1994 - 1996 and Pandit Arun Bhaduri (SRA,Kolkata) from 1996 - 1998. He has done his Bachelor in Music(B'mus) from Banaras Hindu University(BHU) and Masters in Music (M'mus) from Delhi University. Since 2007, he has been learning Dhrupad under the Guru Shishya Parampara from the Padmashri awardees, Gundecha Brothers of Bhopal. He has accompanied the Gundecha brothers on their concert tours in India and abroad. He himself has performed on many platforms across the country. Besides performing, Sanjeev ji has also been teaching Dhrupad to students in Delhi, Bangalore and Gurgaon. Sanjeevji would be conducting the Music lessons and facilitating the Naad Yatra for the participants.

    Sangeeta Chopra:
    Sangeeta has been a Trainer, Coach and Consultant since 1996 and has trained and coached many people in India, South Africa and UK. Though always interested in Classical music, it is only in the last 2-3 years that she started pursuing her lifelong interest in the Dhrupad tradition of Indian Classical music. She has been learning from the Gundecha rothers and their students, Sanjeev Jha & Amita Sinha. She is the person to contact for anything that you need to know about 

    Pancham Shukla:
    A resident of Varanasi, Panchamji is a trained Pakhawaj Player. He has had the good fortune to get his training under the Great Pakhawaj maestro, Late Srikant Misraji of Varanasi. Panchamji is our local support for Naad Yatra-Kashi.

    You could pay us through cash or cheque in Indian currency. (We will let you know our Bank details)
    Do let us know if you have any other questions that may not have been addressed here….

    Contact: Veda Center Japan ▲contact


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